LOST SARNO MOVIE THE NAKED FOG Expands Sarno Archive and Joe Sarno Retrospect Series

Film preservation organization Film Media announced today it has begun restoration on a 35mm print of Joseph W. Sarno’s 1966 film THE NAKED FOG. Once restored, HD assets for THE NAKED FOG will be scheduled for theatrical screenings, DVD / Blu-Ray and Digital release as part of the Joseph W. Sarno Retrospect Series under the Film Movement Classics label.

Previously considered a “lost” film, little information about THE NAKED FOG is available online. What is known, is that THE NAKED FOG was produced the same year as Sarno’s seminal MOONLIGHTING WIVES and shares several cast and crew members including leads Tammy Latour and Gretchen Rudolph. A rare THE NAKED FOG pressbook reveals the movie was marketed as “A Picture that Dares to Reveal the Truth about Sin!” Film Media owner Michael Raso sheds further light on the discovery and film...

"Lisa Vraney of Something Weird Video sent me an e-mail with a link to an ebay film lot auction that included a 35mm print of THE NAKED FOG. Having assumed all prints were destroyed or lost years ago, the print is in surprisingly good condition, and I believe fans of Joe’s movies and exploitation in general will be very pleased with the post-restoration results. Although THE NAKED FOG shares some situations and themes with Joe’s other films of that era – middle class prostitution rings, swinging suburbanites - the lead Marge, played by Tammy Latour, exhibits much less agency than is typical in a Sarno heroine. She claims to be a writer, but we never see her write. Instead, she drifts from one city and one man to another, always seeking, never satisfied. As we journey with her, we meet a variety of characters grappling with their own psycho-sexual impulses, and it’s in these complicated interactions we see Joe’s deft hand. All in all, it’s an exciting discovery and one I’m thrilled to be able to share with fans soon."

NAKED FOG is the newest addition to the Film Media archive of movies by noted exploitation director Joe Sarno. Working with the Sarno Estate, Film Media continues its mission to collect and preserve as many Sarno films as possible under one roof.

Volume 1 of the Joe Sarno Retrospect (Vampire Ecstasy / Sin You Sinners) was released on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital on October 25, 2016. Details on the 2017 release schedule is forthcoming.